Our Story

A little love for your hands

In this ever changing and uncertain world, health is a priority.
With our signature stylish blue bottle,
MELI HANDS is here to protect you and your family in your home and on-the-go.
Our product is made with all natural aroma ingredients and essential oils, Vitamin E, and Aloe Vera.

* MELI - 'honey' in Greek, a sign for health & prosperity
* MATI - the blue evil-eye charm with a Mediterranean vibe to cleanse away evil

Holiday Collection

Tis the season...to sanitize

Hand Sanitizer For everday

Stop germs at the door

Kids will be kids...but that doesn't mean we need to let the germs in our house. With our home essential kit, you have a beautiful blue bottle to welcome a quick hand sanitation.

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Hand sanitizer for your events


Our beautiful 2 oz spritzer is the perfect favor for every setting. Don't compromise your aesthetics and use our graphic designer to create the perfect memory. 

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Reducing Plastic is important to us

When we started Meli Hands, we were blown away at how difficult it was to source plastic bottles. For us, this highlighted the importance to limit the use of plastic, in an effort to protect our oceans, our earth and ultimately our children. 

For this reason, you will see that we made the decision to use beautiful glass bottles for the majority of our products. We are also committed to continually finding new ways to reduce the amount of plastic being used in our products. 

We hope you love our decision to use glass as much as we do!


Vanessa & Maria

Meli Cares...

Giving Back

We formed a relationship with Desmos and part of our profits are donated to organizations from Desmos' network throughout Greece...starting with places closest to our heart <3  

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