Meet Maria & Vanessa...

The founders—and friends—behind this up-and-coming high quality sanitizer company.  Hand Sanitizer was not on the radar for Vanessa or Maria, two Greek American Dallas moms juggling busy schedules with work and kids.  Recently, the pair was on a Quarantine walk, contemplating their next venture.  With 5 children between them, ranging from 1-7, Vanessa and Maria are no strangers to germs.  They were discussing the need in the market for a good-smelling, moisturizing hand sanitizer that was not offensive to the eye or touch. It was then that Meli Hands was created.  

Maria and Vanessa worked with some of the best in the industry to come up with the perfect formula in beautiful glass bottles.   Their mission is simple; to provide a hand sanitizer that is aesthetically pleasing, moisturizing, aromatic and most importantly promotes health.  

With several new items already in the pipeline, Maria and Vanessa can’t wait to get their product into your home!