Meli Hands

2oz Spritzer Event Package - Hand Sanitizer


Perfect for a wedding or any event where you want your guests to have a charming, personalized hand sanitizer. 

  • 50 pack, 2oz clear glass with gold trim, hand sanitizer spritzer, w/charm
    • 2 scent options (Coconut Palms or Citrus Grove)

Personalization-if you would like to personalize your hand sanitizer, we have a graphic designer. 

    1. $99 service fee to work with our graphic designer on a logo design, that we will then print and apply on a hang tag to each sanitizer.
      1. Our logo will be white and clear as to not distract from the event theme.
      2. Please allow 2 weeks for processing, designing, printing and shipping

Coconut Palms- all-natural essential oils that bring you to the beach for a bit. Hints of coconut and vanilla.

Citrus Grove- made of all-natural essential oils, leaving you thinking about the Greek Islands. Hints of orange and lemon citrus.

Our Sanitizer contains 70% ethanol, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, with all-natural essential oils

**Contact us directly for personalized labels** 

2 fl oz each

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